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Exploring The Primal/Keto/Paleo Diets

Exploring The Primal/Keto/Paleo Diets

Do you love meat? I mean seriously do you?  This is an important factor if you are considering one of the Primal/Keto/Paleo Diets.  All of these diets have one thing in common, which is that they concentrate primarily around meat. All three of these diets are high protein, low carbohydrate diets.  I will break break down these three diets in more detail so you have a better understanding of the basics.

Primal - The Primal Diet although primarily carbohydrate free, actually places more emphasis on nature. Eating products in their natural state, which means no processed foods at all.  For instance instead of a Double Cheeseburger with ketchup, Mayo and Mustard on a bun.   You would perhaps grill two Hamburger Patties with some onions, green peppers with a fresh salad. 

Keto - The Keto Diet is actually completely protein and fat based.  Their theory is that healthy fats are good for you and help ease to foods through the colon area.  The protein acts as a super burner.  And the theory is pretty much correct, many people report losing massive amounts of weight on Keto. Imagine the Atkins Diet on speed, plus Keto does not allow you to eat any foods that grow below the dirt, which technically means onions and potatoes are off limits.  This may cause a problem for people who love onions.

Paleo - The Paleo Diet is a actually a combination of the two above scenarios except with Paleo you concentrate primarily on coconut based products.  It is true, this diet is mostly coconut oil and coconut products, as well as proteins, fruits and vegetables.  I like the Paleo diet because of the variety, plus you can still eat sweet potatoes.  It sounds minor, but those sweet potatoes taste like gold after a week without any starches. 

Of course, this is just my personal overview of these 3 diets.  There are most likely many more differences that I have not discussed.  I have created a massive new project that deals with these diets so keep an eye on our products for new Primal/Keto/Paleo additions over the next few weeks. 

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About The Author:  Adrienne Igo has more than 20 years in the Recruitment Industry, she runs several small online businesses and is an online social and digital media consultant.
Adrienne Igo once was 500 pounds and spent more than 7 years in a wheelchair before beginning a personal weight loss journey in 2013.  She went from a size 54 dress to a size 12. She currently has over 500 dance and motivational videos on YouTube

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