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Who watched their diet this past holiday season?

Who watched their diet this past holiday season?

Who watched what they ate this Holiday Season?

I did my best to watch what I ate this year.  Since I knew how much I loved food, I decided to try a different and unique way to cook Christmas Dinner.  I decided to go starch free.  This meant no breads, pies, cakes, stuffing, no macaroni and cheese.  No hot buns. Nothing like that.  Just meat, fruits and vegetables.  Could it be done tastefully?  Yes. Yes, it could.  This would be the answer to the annual weight gain that plagues me every single year.

Here is the lowdown, in 2016, I gained 36 pounds over the holidays.  It was so disheartening. I lost the faith and the exuberance to continue on for many months.  However; somehow I managed to bounce back from an onslaught of sudden weight gain.   I went from a size 12 back up to a size 18.   I just could not figure out why I could not get control over the issue. I had gaining mastery over my weight gain steadily for the last 4+ years.  What changed suddenly since the beginning the weight loss journey in 2013? 

When the holidays approached this year, I felt fear and trepidation, so I decided to implement a counter strike plan.  I saw that I was feeling extra pudgy after Thanksgiving.  So on December 1st, 2017 I went on a 21 Day Dance Challenge BEFORE Christmas.  Not after as many people want to exercise daily right before Christmas, which is exactly why I did it. By creating a counter strike prior to the gaining weight, I was able to save myself countless months of discomfort and workouts to get rid of it. 

I will share some of the proactive steps I took to avoid weight gain this holiday season: 
1. Beginning December 1st, I implemented a 21 Day Dance Challenge for myself and others. 
The point of the challenge is to dance every single day for at least 21 days.  The requirement is a minimum of 30 minutes of dance and weight training for at least 21 days.   
I even made a video to point out the benefits of working out consistently.  

2. I made a fabulous Paleo/Primal/Keto based Christmas Dinner.  
The dinner consisted of marinated steak smothered in peppers, onions and ginger. Barbecue Pork Spareribs, various vegetables, and dessert was made of fruit.  Absolutely no breads or grains were used whatsoever. There was no cheese used and very limited milk or sugar.
By making a dinner consisting primarily of meat and vegetables, I was able to eliminate hundreds of possible cabs and calories out of our holiday meal.  Since carbs are the primary cause of sudden weight gain, it was beneficial to all of us NOT to eat massive carbs this year.  

3. I continued Daily exercise after the 21 Day Dance Challenge.
Even after completing the 21 days of dance, I felt so good that I decided to extend the 21 Days to 100 days.  I made a mid-goal of 50 days and then from there I will shoot for 100 continual days. Do I believe that 100 days will make a difference? Yes.  The goal is to be a size 12 again by the end of 100 days. Can I do it?  Only time will tell, but at least I have implemented an action plan that appears to be working.

As stated in the beginning of writing this article, I gained 36 pounds last holiday season.  This year, I lost 13 lbs instead.  I am proud to be in front of the weight loss curve.  I will dance consistently toward my dream goal of a size 8....

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About The Author:  Adrienne Igo has more than 20 years in the Recruitment Industry, she runs several small online businesses and is an online social and digital media consultant.
Adrienne Igo once was 500 pounds and spent more than 7 years in a wheelchair before beginning a personal weight loss journey in 2013.  She went from a size 54 dress to a size 12. She currently has over 500 dance and motivational videos on YouTube

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