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I am Proud of My Body!

I am proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too!

Over on Facebook I have been posting daily regarding my weight loss process.  I am on day 72 today.  My post today dealt with loving ourselves exactly as we are. Listen to this Lady Gaga story and how it inspired me today.

Here is the link to the Lady Gaga meme:  Lady Gaga

Day 72
I posted a meme where Lady Gaga states "I am proud of my body and you should be proud of yours too!" She said this in response to people putting down her body during her Super Bowl performance. She has it right. She has healthy self confidence and self esteem. Arriving at THAT PLACE in my mind, heart and spirit where I embrace the WHOLE of me as she does, is still a work in progress. 

I realized something today. I decided to try on a blouse that I have not worn since last year, it fit perfectly a year ago. Yet, it still does not fit well now. There was a point about 6 months ago, when I could not get the blouse on at all! The blouse has no spandex or polyester at all. (I believe that wearing clothes without knit, polyester, spandex or other stretchy fabric is the only way to know your true size. Cotton is the great equalizer. I realized today that even after 72 Days of dance at least 30 minutes with weights, I am STILL not as small as I was over a year ago! And I thought I was still too big then!

I realized how our minds play such a large role in what happens to our bodies. I was already perfect (or near perfect) and I did not even notice or embrace it because I was too busy trying to get to a size 9/10. I had reached size 11/12. It was the smallest size I ever wore in my life and I basically missed it because I was concerned that I was not small ENOUGH. 

Over the last few days I have realized that to a certain extent we are never ENOUGH for others. I had people saying things about my videos like "Gross" "You still look fat to me" and other painful words... when in reality I was at my greatest. I should have celebrated with glee at what I accomplished not mourned over what I did not. Now, after 50+ years I am finally growing up. 

Let's all agree today to LOVE OURSELVES as we are. Let's embrace ourselves as we are. Protect ourselves, be gentle to ourselves. Appreciate what we HAVE ACCOMPLISHED and forget about what we did not. Tomorrow is another day, we get another chance to be what we want to be tomorrow. In this life, I may never achieve my dream of a size 6/7/8... but as long as I work toward my goal daily... and I strive to love and approve of myself as I am. I know I will get there. You are uniquely YOU. Embrace and love Yourself as you are. Much love to you all <3

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About The Author:  Adrienne Igo has more than 20 years in the Recruitment Industry, she runs several small online businesses and is an online social and digital media consultant. Adrienne Igo once was 500 pounds and spent more than 7 years in a wheelchair before beginning a personal weight loss journey in 2013.  She went from a size 54 dress to a size 12. She currently has over 500 dance and motivational videos on YouTube


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