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It's Been A While

I missed sharing my stories with you!

Time is the one thing that we can not get back, try as I may with photo filters and such, time takes its toll on us all. I feel blessed to be in the skin I am in, at the age I am.  When I tell people I am technically closer to 60 than 40 they are dumbfounded.  But it is true.  I accept this now. 

I not only accept my age, I REVEL in it now.  I look at my aging counterparts and think "Thank Goodness for good genes!"  I am so grateful for so many blessings.  I realize that I am not perfect, but I am so much better off than I ever imagined I could be at this age.  I was in a wheelchair over 10 years ago, I assumed (incorrectly) that I was at the tail-end of this life.  It is a marvel to live in a world where I can now wear jean shorts and tank tops in summer and have people mistake me for my daughter's sister.

When I first realized that I had developed an obsession with remaining youthful, it was about a year or two ago. I was in the midst of trying on a bag of new clothes that were given to me by MY DAUGHTER!  By the way, I inherited ALL of her old clothes when she whittled down to a size 6.   In fact the jean shorts I have on RIGHT NOW were once hers.  There is a air of playful youthfulness to my wardrobe now, and this has affected my entire personality.  I feel vibrant, young and expectant of more good and positive things in life.   

I believe that MINDSET is the key to a long youthful and playful life.  I could just get old and crotchety, but WHY?  Why do I have to?  I saw a meme on Facebook that said: 

If You have Not Grown Up By 50,  You Don't Have To!!!!

I had an aunt who died on her 102nd birthday (true story), as far as I know my Aunt Georgie, is the ORIGINAL SWEET GEORGIA BROWN (her maiden name).   I found out about this from my now deceased Aunt Dot.   The story I heard was my Aunt Georgie was SO BEAUTIFUL that when they went to the Clubs and other places that men would line up on either side of the door to get her attention.  She was the oldest of 7 girls, and they usually  traveled in packs, so their very entrance into most clubs usually silenced the crowd.  Aunt Dot said that they were actually FRIENDS with Fats Waller and frequented the same clubs.  My one remaining Aunt was a club singer on the East Coast.  She says she was not that good, but at least she had the guts to sing in some of the clubs back then and I think that probably added to their mystique and aura.  They were like the old Black and White musical movies, but in real life!   Those sisters had so many stories to tell. I feel it is my responsibility to share their legacy on some level. 

The point I wanted to make by bringing up that my Aunt was Sweet Georgia Brown and she lived to be 102 is that longevity runs in our family for our women.  My grandmother lived to 97.  My remaining Aunt is 94 this year.  I may have personally lost some years off my life due to smoking and obesity. (Two things I have also battled and won.) The one thing I remember most about the two last remaining sisters is that they were BOTH extremely active. Neither sister smoked.  Both sisters worked in medical facilities for many years in caring professions.  These were the two sisters that always drank in moderation and always exercised.  I remember another aunt that used to make fun of Aunt Georgia because she loved the HEALTHY LIFESTYLEAunt Georgia, avoided most excitement and parties, she lived a private Christian life.  She took vitamins daily, she ate wheat germ and drank KAVA instead of Coffee.  I remember those little things about her.  She was into the health food craze before it became popular.  She practiced vegetarianism, (although I have seen her grab a chicken leg or two in my lifetime) .  I remember her walking around the neighborhood well into her 80's.  That was the secret of longevity that my Aunt Georgia taught me.  I also remember that she was always very cognizant of her own mortality, and would often carry around obituaries of her deceased friends.  I think it amazed her how many people died before she did.  This probably was the hardest part of living to 102 years old, she outlived her husband, 12 younger brothers and sisters, both her children and even a grandchild.  

Well enough blabbering about the female longevity factor that exists in my family.  I just wanted to take a moment to stop by and ramble on about life for a few moments. It has been a while.   Sending out much love and light to all.   

Ohhhh hold up, wait a minute.  I almost forgot:

I am at it again.  I was inspired to open astrologyalookinside.com and to redesign adrienneobeyhq.com.   I invite all reading this article to go check them out.   


About The Author:  Adrienne Igo has more than 20 years in the Recruitment Industry, she runs several small online businesses and is an online social and digital media consultant.  Adrienne has almost 40 years of astrological experience, and was once known online by thousands as CAPRICORNTIGRESS of Astrologyalookinside.com

Adrienne Igo once was 500 pounds and spent more than 7 years in a wheelchair before beginning a personal weight loss journey in 2013.  She went from a size 54 dress to a size 12. She currently has over 500 dance and motivational videos on YouTube


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