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Fond Memories

Fond Memories

In Memory of my Brother

Have you ever had a fond memory of someone who is no longer here?   When we first lose someone we love there is always sadness and mourning.  However; as time goes by, what you are left with is the essence of that person.   In the case of my brother Wayne the essence that he left behind is so amazing that I love to return to the memories often to reminisce.  I sometimes wonder why such a magnanimous personality would be taken from this realm so early.  Then I remember all of the bad karma he created while here due to his credit card fraud activities and then I realize that there must have been  debt to pay.   I try to savor the positive happy memories that his essence left behind.   Those are the fond memories I treasure.  

There is not enough time for me to tell you of all of the incredible escapades my brother achieved.  I will just say that I believe that his life needs its own book, or movie.  He was NOT an ordinary person. He was even a snitch in MAJOR CRIME that is famous.  He was even written up in the associated press once and referred to as a "Jolly Black Robin Hood that Robs From The Rich and Gives To The Poor!"  What an incredible title to hold.  I miss him.  I miss his jokes.  I miss his escapades.  I miss his crazy antics.  I miss his desire for do more and be more.   He was just a fun guy.  It is such a shame that he never figured out how not to harm others in his quest to find personal joy.  It is why I strive always to live with integrity because I see what living without integrity leads to...  but this is a happy memory, so I will discuss only the happy memories of this crazed man.

I love to tell the story when my brother took me to Great Adventure to meet the Bay City Rollers when I was 16.  He figured the only way he could do that was to lie and say that he was famous. So he pretended to be Jon Brown (Buffalo Butt) from Good Times, and guess what, they BELIEVED HIM.  We were driven around in carts, while others walked,  and were given great seats at the concert. At one point, management came over to my brother and said "Mr. Brown, the crowd is getting anxious and the band is not here yet, can you do something to calm the crowd?"  My brother jumps up "Certainly" (Imagine this being said like Curly from the Three Stooges) He gets up on stage, puts on a 30 minute skit and it brought the house down.  I even remember what the skit was.  He told the story of my Aunt Dot and her daughter "Mona" (I will keep her real name secret.  This was her nickname many moons ago) coming to visit my grandma's house.  He made a skit of my Aunt coming up the stairs into the house, out of breath and yelling at her daughter Mona.  It was hilarious.  He made a skit out of how she used to eat loads of food and then polish it off with a diet coke.  This was way back in 1978, so to this day I say that he is the ORIGINATOR of that now famous joke.  I remember he used to bring the house down with that skit.  He was fearless and he was hilariously funny.

I will tell another amazing story. He once held a weekend Telethon in Philadelphia.  He actually did it more than once.   I recall one time in particular, when he said that he was a new character on One Life To Live, as the son of the town detective.  They all welcomed him with open arms. He was ended hosting the show alongside Monty Hall, Tony Geary, and Dick Van Patton.  I swear they all LOVED him!  He showed up at several of the Philadelphia based telethons and he always had rave reviews.   I remember at one of these telethons he took me and my friends along.  (We were brave kids to follow him there).  We ended up back,  in the VIP section with huge names like: Abe Vigoda, Theresa Merritt, Teddy Pendagrass, The Trammps.  There were stars interacting with us everywhere.   It was a cool experience on how the entertainment industry lives.   We came home with loads of food and gift bags.   My brother was an amazing guy.  He was bold, brazen and always up for adventure.   He made life a little more exciting whenever he was nearby.  I feel blessed that he was my brother because he left behind so many magic memories that will never fade.

Here is another story that must be told.  I often feel bad that my brother died in utter obscurity, because he was a one of kind individual.  This is a true story.  Many years ago, my brother read in variety that they were looking for a BLACK COMEDIAN for Saturday Night Live in New York.  So he went to New York and auditioned for the spot.  He was called back to New York three different times.  On the third time, there was only ONE other guy left in the competition.  You want to know who that last guy was?  It was Eddie Murphy.  Eddie Murphy!  The ONLY person that was funnier than my brother at that time was Eddie Murphy.  He was THAT close to fame.   He was truly a funny guy.   

In conclusion, I want to leave with this message:  If you have someone in your life and you love them dearly, make sure that you take the time to let them know you love them.  I used to get upset at my brother for calling me 5-10-15 times a day, but now I miss his voice.  In fact, I miss his voice so much that I STILL keep his old messages on my answering machine.   Sometimes I will listen to the messages of him yelling at me as only he could do, "Pick up the damn phone girl, I know you are there!"  Did I mention he was gay.  He was funny, loud, gay, with a high pitched voice like a female. Whenever he was in the room everyone knew it.  He was hilarious.  His essence was one of pure laughter and high jinks.  I am blessed that he left behind so many fond memories.    


About The Author:  Adrienne Igo has more than 20 years in the Recruitment Industry, she runs several small online businesses and is an online social and digital media consultant. Adrienne Igo once was 500 pounds and spent more than 7 years in a wheelchair before beginning a personal weight loss journey in 2013.  She went from a size 54 dress to a size 12. She currently has over 500 dance and motivational videos on YouTube


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