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Will Blacks and Latinos Go Completely Broke Soon?

Will Blacks and Latinos Go Completely Broke Soon?

Will Blacks and Latinos Go Completely Broke?

Have You Prepared For The Future?

I  read recently that Blacks and Latinos will be completely broke in a few years.  This was according to an article that I read from the LATIMES.   I hate being the bearer of bad news, but this is BAD NEWS.  REALLY BAD NEWS. 

I knew that Black, Brown and Red people were in deep trouble when the current administration recently announced that the new MIDDLE CLASS equals $450,000 a year.  What job have you had that pays $450,000 a year?   Apart from some very clever Self Employed Mavericks or those with well placed degrees, who else will reach that almost magical number of a 1/2 Million Salary Per Year?   

WHO do YOU KNOW ANYONE that earns $450,000 per year? 

(Regardless of race).   How many people can you point to that earn this?

I seriously thought about this.  I have a cousin who is a doctor. Maybe she earns that or more.   Her oldest brother is an entrepreneur, so maybe he earns that or more.  Then I thought, hmm maybe my daughter has a chance at hitting that MAGIC NUMBER too one day.   However; she has 5 DEGREES! She is not normal.  She is a genius, so she does not count! 

The truth is: The normal average person without massive degrees has no hope whatsoever of earning an income this high in their lifetime. 

This number is so unbelievably unrealistic,  especially for a ONE INCOME households, that this is the main reason I question if recent decisions could lead to mass genocide.   $450,000 is a complete impossibility for about 98% of Americans.  This is something that they must realize by now.

Recent decisions have been made to further exacerbate poverty, not to improve or heal poverty.  There have been ZERO SOLUTIONS offered toward wealth creation or to offer a glimmer of hope to people who live in poverty.  This is what makes some of the recent decisions most heinous.  It is obvious that genocide will likely be the natural end result of many of these insensitive decisions.    

What (if anything) can be done to avoid the impending pitfall of poverty? 

Steps To Take To Insulate Yourself From Poverty: 

1.  Get Educated.  Yes. You will incur debt, but at least you MIGHT actually land a position later that could eventually help to pay off said debt. 

2. Stay Up To Date with Technology.  Times are changing at a rapid pace.  If you lag behind, you will be left behind. 

3.  Do not think your color or race entitles you to anything.  The only thing you are entitled to are the fruits of your labor from the things that you work to build and create for yourself. 

4.  According to my grandmother:  We have to Do everything 10x better as a Black person.  Not 2x as good. Not even 5x as good.  10x better!!!!  This is JUST to be seen on equal footing!   I wish I could say that things are so much more advanced in 2018 than they were when my grandmother was still alive,  but that is not the case.   Even now, a Black or Latino person has to work 10x as hard and be 10x as smart, just to be on equal ground.  The sooner you embrace this concept, the sooner you will be successful.   I know this statement will most likely upset some people, who want an easy way out, but there is no easy way out.   We live in an  unjust world. This is not a world of equality.  As a Black or Latino person, you will be forced to prove your worth time and time again.  The sooner you face this as reality, the sooner you will begin to enjoy your own personal success.  Even if it were not necessary, it is still a good practice to adopt to succeed based on MERIT!!!  

5.  Start supporting Black Organizations.  There are unique new companies such as WE BUY BLACK or companies such as my own which are Black or Latino owned.  We can not survive apart, our only solution is to band together, to increase our chances of survival.   It is how other cultures have managed to succeed and grow out of poverty throughout the ages.  We must seek out coalitions and groups that support Black and Latino endeavors.  For example, my daughter's Non-Profit Organization:  The Eleanor Elizabeth Institute for Black Empowerment.   

6.  Finally if you experience any racial tensions at your current places of employment, make sure your employer has a Union or Social Equity Consultant for you to voice your issues . To learn more about the importance of Social Equity and how it could help your current employer, check out my daughter's business page for a full explanation.  Christiana ObeySumner

7. Follow the advice of the great minds of old, such as Dale Carnegie or books like The Richest Man in Babylon.  The greats of old taught that success came from taking out 10% of your wealth and saving it for yourself.  Taking another 10% of your wealth and reinvesting it into your future.  Taking 10% and using it for religious or spiritual work. Such as donating to charities.   If we learn to live on 70% of our income, as the wealthy do, we can at least create a nest egg when all else is gone.   

It is blatantly obvious now that we must PREPARE.  We all must, however it is VITAL for the Black and Latino person to prepare for a bleak future.  Preparation is the only key to survival. Those who fail to prepare, will most likely fail to survive.  


About The Author:  Adrienne Igo has more than 20 years in the Recruitment Industry, she runs several small online businesses and is an online social and digital media consultant.
Adrienne Igo once was 500 pounds and spent more than 7 years in a wheelchair before beginning a personal weight loss journey in 2013.  She went from a size 54 dress to a size 12. She currently has over 500 dance and motivational videos on YouTube. 

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I Once Was A Mary Kay Consultant