MEGA Healing Magnetic Therapy Pack

MEGA Healing Magnetic Therapy Pack

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This MEGA HEALING MAGNETIC THERAPY PACK was created as a boost to spiritual/healing minded individuals and businesses.  If you are you in the helping/healing profession and you've been searching for the right "something" to add to your product line. This is it.  These digital products will help to increase your earning potential.  Best of all, you get special discounted pricing.  

(Note:  If purchased separately, this would cost over $500)    

30 Subjects
30 Master Resell Rights products
30 Chances at Success
30 Opportunities to Earn Online

Receive 30 incredible products for your library at 50% off the retail price! 
Plus, all of these products are for resell.  This could be a very wise business investment for you.

This is what you receive:

  1. Acupuncture
  2. Affirmations
  3. Aromatherapy
  4. Binaural
  5. Christian Faith Health
  6. Crystals
  7. Cupping
  8. Ear Candling
  9. GuaSha
  10. Herbal
  11. Hologram
  12. Hypnotherapy
  13. Lucid Dreaming
  14. Magnetic Therapy
  15. Mantra
  16. Meditation
  17. Native American Healing
  18. Organic
  19. Pilates
  20. Polarity
  21. Psychotherapy
  22. Qi-Gong
  23. Reflexolgy
  24. Reiki
  25. Tai Chi
  26. Therapeutic Touch
  27. Transfer
  28. TuiNa
  29. Yin and Yang
  30. Yoga
  31. MRR License



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Master Resell Note:

Note:  This product although compact is a full Master Resell Rights Product. This means that this is a complete "business in a box" system.  You not only benefit personally from purchasing this product, but you also have the ability to profit from your purchase.  Master Resell Rights Products are great for individuals seeking simple easy ways to add products and content to their own businesses.